If creative media is to be believed, transplants are very risky business -- and we haven't even been hit with the wave of genetic repossession yet! I'm not sure if anything will ever beat Lindsay's evil hand on Angel, but we're about to get a taste of something even more creepy -- Jessica Alba's evil eye. In October, there was a weird, silent trailer for her upcoming horror film, The Eye. (Remake of the Hong Kong horror film, also known as The Eye, but translated literally -- Seeing Ghosts.) Now MySpace is hosting the exclusive full trailer, with voices and all!

Alba plays Sydney Wells, a blind concert violinist who finally gets the gift of sight when she gets some cornea transplants. That is, after she gets over the initial blur. She gets an unnerving surprise party, and then starts to see dead people. But this isn't some Sixth Sense sort of sight -- these dead guys are creepy, and they're not just moping around. People are falling out of closed windows, hovering above the ground, and even popping up in her peephole. This, in turn, makes her a bit crazy, demanding to know where her eyes came from as she runs around, smashes a mirror, and somehow loses the ability to properly select a floor in an elevator. The trailer is alright -- not especially creep-inducing, but necessarily bad either. I think this will be one of those films that we'll have to wait and see. It'll hit theaters February 1, 2008.