Back in 1999, Kevin Smith added a black apostle to Jesus' crew with Chris Rock's Rufus in Dogma. Now a German filmmaker is going a big step further. Reuters reports that the son of God is about to get a brother in a new fantasy film set in India. But that's not all -- he will be evil. I can see the pitchforks and venom-laced words gearing up even as I type this. This is the brainchild of German filmmaker Robert Sigl, and it's called The 13th Disciple. The project is in the very early stages, and is currently looking for an Indian co-producer so they can get it going.

Producer Marco Stefan says: "It's a fantasy-adventure film and takes place completely in present-day India." Basically, two twin, German archaeologists head to India to find evidence that Jesus has traveled there. During their search, they discover that Jesus had an evil twin brother -- one that gets reincarnated in the present as "the scheming head of a religious sect." Does that mean the second coming happens now, to foil the evil bro?

It seems this film has been in the works for a long time, especially since the original producer died in an accident (hopefully a random tragedy and not the work of that evil twin brother). The projected cost of this puppy is $7.4 million, and will shoot in Varanasi later next year, once they secure another producer. While the topic is a bit incendiary, Stefan says he doesn't expect controversy since the film is clearly explained as fiction. But that didn't stop unrest over The Da Vinci Code, which just had Jesus married with children, so I imagine an evil son of God would be even more incendiary.
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