A new Sweeney Todd making-of featurette has hit the internet, and any fan of either Johnny Depp or Tim Burton's well advised to check the footage out; of course, as with any piece of marketing making-of material, what the piece doesn't say is almost as interesting as what it does. One of the more notable bits in the featurette is how it almost seems to be bracing audiences for how violent the movie's going to be; this is, after all, a movie about a mass-murderer. Alan Rickman notes with a jovial grin that "There'll be loads of blood spraying all over the place, so if that's your thing, you're going to have plenty of it. ..." So, then, squeamish moviegoers: You can't say you haven't been warned.

Another sequence in the piece offers an in-depth look at the title character's implements of death, the straight razors he used to wield bloodlessly as a barber. After several close-up shots of the wicked-looking blades, Burton notes of Sweeney's tools that "The razors are just an extension of him, really." We then cut to Depp, in character, holding a razor aloft and exclaiming "My arm is complete again. ..." Depp, Burton and a lead character with a sharp object at the end of his wrist; I guess someone thought that it might be wise to evoke the visuals (if not the gentler spirit) of Edward Scissorhands.

But with all the warnings of bloodshed and the invocation of past collaboration in the spot, it's still notable that the piece doesn't mention the film's musical nature, and only includes a brief section of a musical number -- and even that's more spoken than sung by Depp. I guess the question is: Are modern audiences more afraid of musical numbers than bloodshed? And is DreamWorks actively trying to hide Sweeney Todd's Broadway origins?