Here it is; just what we need in the world: A movie that scares people into forwarding along those annoying chain emails. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Nikki Reed, Noah Segan, Keith David and Betsy Russell (Saw III, IV) have signed up to star in Chain Letter. Oh yes, they're going after you ... Ms. I Never Forward Chain Mails Because I Think They're Lame. Well what if you received a chain mail that asked you to forward it on to ten friends ... only instead of spamming ten friends, you deleted it and found out that -- holy sh*t -- the Chain Man is out to kill me now. Yes, the Chain Man -- HR describes him as "the chain-wielding killer ..." Wait, so does that mean he kills people with actual chains? And when he shows up to kill someone for not forwarding along an email, do they ... laugh at him? Because, honestly, I think I would.

Saw producer Mark Burg and Roxanne Avent have snagged executive producing duties on the horror flick, while Deon Taylor is tapped to write, produce and direct. You might remember Nikki Reed as the girl who co-wrote and starred in the movie Thirteen, which was partially based on her own life as a rebellious teenager. Michael Bailey Smith (who's creepy as all hell) will play the Chain Man, while a bunch of these young actors will play the victims. Honestly, I'm curious to see how this one unfolds. Does the Chain Man come after you if you don't forward the email? And what if you only forward it to three people, instead of five? Do you get half-killed? Hey, as long as at least one person utters the line: "No, you forgot to forward the email -- that's why the Chain Man is trying to kill you!" -- then I'll be a happy man.