I love you, Seth Rogen! (I also must give the love to our editor, Erik Davis, who gave in to my envious whimpers and let me take this news piece.) Now, why am I feeling the love? Hollywood Insider says that the hottest geek around recently had lunch with one of the best men to come out of the '80s. (At Ford's Filling Station in Culver City, if you're curious.) Perhaps this is the true reason for the comedian's appeal... The topic of conversation: Rogen is getting ready for the action-comedy Pineapple Express, which stars him and James Franco as a stoner and dealer who go on the run after pothead Rogen sees a cop kill someone, and he wants dear Huey to write and perform the film's theme song.

Please, God, let this be true. If this is it, please let me know. And to any of you abominable Huey Lewis and the News naysayers out there -- zip it! EW's source says: "Seth's looking for something in the vein of Power of Love." Yes! The sap-free, funky theme from Back to the Future. NO, not the Celine Dion song that sinisterly tops Google searches of "Power of Love." The deal isn't complete, but I can't see any reason why Lewis wouldn't take this on. It's so perfect for him. But if, for some terrible reason, my dear Huey had to back out and break my heart, there's always the option to use his old material. At the very least, Rogen could grab himself the rights toI Want a New Drug. Feeling the power of [Huey Lewis] love yet?

I'm not sure my heart could take the suggestion that follows, but it's worth a shot -- Rogen, if you're reading this, please nab Steve Perry as well, get a Journey reunion going, and give the world more power ballads, pretend instrument playing, and vertical synthesizer pounding.

[via JoBlo]
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