Oh yes, that's little Danny Radcliffe. It's kind of hard to imagine him as a little kid now, between the darkness and turmoil he's gone through as Harry Potter, and the fact that he showed all of his naked, birthday-suit goods to audiences on the theatrical stage. Still, he wasn't always a teen hero, or ballsy young actor. There was a time when he was just a young boy, one who could only dream of future fame; one who had no idea that he'd one day be one of Britain's richest teens.

Courtesy of Before They Were Famous, the above clip has Radcliffe as part of the audience in BBC Saturday's children's show, Live & Kicking. Ignore the year, which looks like "1988" in the actual clip -- Radcliffe wasn't born yet, and the show wasn't on air until 1993. Whoops! Still, that's Daniel in all his young glory. The actor is definitely one of those people who will probably look the same their whole life.