Usually huge masses of pictures come by way of superhero movies. Everyone is dying to see how different characters will be presented, and there's so many particular details to see that even a big pile of pictures won't spoil the final, cinematic outcome. Hell, the set pictures that just went up for Watchmen will only be the tip of the iceberg there -- fans still haven't glimpsed the heroes themselves, Nite Owl's ship, or any of the goodies sure to hit us at some point. But then sometimes, there are just a ton of pictures for a random, part-drama romcom. Rope of Silicon has just added 61 new images to their gallery for P.S. I Love You -- the film about the woman who gets letters from her husband about how to move on after he dies -- the same one where Hilary Swank was injured due to a suspender.

Sixty-one. Logic might make you wonder if they're showing a flip-book of the whole movie, which would be cool, but also pretty pointless and spoileriffic. No, instead these are a mixture of set and promotional pictures. There's Hilary Swank with dead hubbie Gerard Butler, smooches with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who you'll see much more of once pics of his Comedian work in Watchmen hits the web), and lots of slightly-different shots. By that I mean shots they almost work like a flip -- hugging from far away, a close up, a lean-in for a kiss, an almost-kiss, the same pose in a different outfit... you get the idea. At least you can see James Marsters finally -- who looks to be gearing up to perform for Swank. Personally, an outtake with that suspender is all I'd need to see it, but maybe sixty-plus pictures will help convince some other people. The film opens on December 21 -- just in time for Christmas.
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