My, how actors can fall. It might have been painful to watch Jeff Conaway -- aka Kenickie in Grease -- sing a little bit of Tiffany's I Think We're Alone Now in Jawbreaker, but now we'll get to see him try to get clean on reality television. While he doesn't get the gossip numbers of someone like La Lohan, he's had his own share of turmoil. After he got kicked from his last reality show to enter rehab back in 2005, things must have gotten rough once again, because he's going to be one of the stars of VH1's latest reality trip -- Celebrity Rehab.

This latest foray into celeb mockery stars Dr. Drew as the man who will set the stars straight -- including actors Conaway, Brigitte Nielsen, and Daniel Baldwin, according to A Socialite's Life, plus Tom Sizemore and Andy Dick, according to IMDb. I don't know what's their "reality," and whether any are recreations, but in that link above you can see some snorting and toilet kissing screencaps from ET. Lovely, eh? Is there any barrier that won't be crossed by reality television? My guess is that we'll soon get movies-behind-the-scenes, where films get made with people who are feuding, who have short tempers, drug addictions, or have a tendency to hop into bed with their co-stars. After that, maybe Celebrity Dick -- a skilled private eye digs up dirt on your favorite celebrities?

But it does put things into perspective. There's actors who get mocked for personal tidbits that get leaked to the press, and then there's those who choose to deal with them for the enjoyment of the public. Poor Kenickie. Maybe he can get a job with Michelle Pfieffer in Grease 3?
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