Anyone whose seen my indie writing will know that this could be a theme that I cooked up in my head, being a big fan of everything Canadian director Guy Maddin does. However, I'm happy to report that this premise doesn't come from my musing. After screening his latest feature-length film, My Winnipeg, at TIFF this year, and winning the City of Toronto prize for it, he was on his way to Kansas City to film a new short called Death of the Reel. According to a Kansas City Star article from September, the film is a collaboration with KC filmmaker Benjamin Meade, and will be seven minutes long -- in full, silent, Maddin style.

I wish this could be a feature, but I'll take what I can get -- written by Bill Pryor, the film is about Guy Maddin, but unlike Brand Upon the Brain!, this time around he'll play himself. While sitting in a Winnipeg bar, he reads a newspaper article that says cinema has died in the United States. Of course, he does the only natural thing -- flying to the rescue of American cinema with a WWII plane. As Maddin describes it: "The idea is that the young people of Kansas have been zombified by their iPhones and iPods and have become celluloid illiterates who watch postage stamp-sized movies on tiny screens. I'm here to save cinema." Brilliance! I'm not sure how this sucker is getting released, but IMDb says it will hit screens on June 6, 2008. In the meantime, check out the director's cut of his 2004 short, Sissy Boy Slap Party.
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