Hot Because: Nearly a decade after the end of Seinfeld (the greatest sitcom of all time), Jerry Seinfeld returned with a vengeance. He helped with the release of a massive, fantastic Complete Series Box Set for his classic series. He guest-starred on an extremely funny episode of 30 Rock. And he appeared everywhere to promote Bee Movie, shooting live-action trailers and swinging into Cannes dressed as a bee. Some call it overkill, I call it supporting his work. As for the film itself -- is it possible for a movie that has grossed over $100 million dollars to be under-appreciated? Yup. Reviews weren't glowing, including those from Cinematical writers, but I found it visually spectacular, laugh-out-loud funny, and quite meaningful. I must not be the only one who thinks so -- it's on the Academy Short List for the Best Animated Feature Oscar.

How to Stay Hot:
Keep doing the unexpected. Jeffrey Katzenberg has mentioned the possibility of a Bee Movie sequel, but that wouldn't surprise us. Why not a Woody Allen movie? It seems like those two guys are made for each other. What about a dark Allen comedy with Larry David and Seinfeld competing for a woman? How great would that be? It'll probably never happen, but who would have thought Jerry would bring us a kids' movie?

Next up: They remembered the key ingredients!
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