Hot because: Have you been paying attention? He's this year's über golden boy. His first movie was a surprise smash. His second, not so much, but then it only featured his voice. His third, though, was an enormous hit. And he even managed to upstage his giant robot co-stars in a lot of it. Plus, in case you didn't know, he was cast as THE SON OF INDIANA JONES! Then he maintained his relationship with Spielberg, and secured his return in the Transformers sequel. By the time he was arrested for alleged public drunkenness, it was clear that he couldn't tarnish his image even if he tried.

How to stay hot: Pray to god we don't think your Indy Jr. is as bad as Young Vader. Only sign on to Disturbia 2if it's really worthy of your presence. Use your pull and power to make sure Y: The Last Man is another franchise possibility. Oh, and you got your get out of jail free card -- try not to get arrested again, or it might start to damagedent nick your career up a bit.

Next up: Sometimes speechless is a good thing!
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