Hot Because: The film event I (and pretty much everyone else) had waited almost my lifetime for finally arrived in theaters. And amazingly, even with the public's expectations through the roof, it didn't suck. Like, at all. The Simpsons were important again, even controversial. You couldn't escape everyone's favorite cartoon family this summer, even when taking a trip to your local convenience store! I realize they've never really left, but it sure was great to have them back front and center where they belong.

How to Stay Hot: Can you say sequel? And you know that mix of big laughs and true emotion that everybody loved about The Simpsons Movie? Let's start seeing it in the small-screen version again! And have Albert Brooks guest star on every episode. His delivery of the line "Rats couldn't be trapped this easily. You're trapped like carrots" was my biggest laugh of the summer.

Next up: He knows how to tease a film!

Where did they rank?

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