Lame because: After all these years, movies are still being pirated, and Hollywood is still fighting the matter. Not only that, but people are willing to put hits out on dogs to keep piracy going. Meanwhile studios have released blockbusters in China before the U.S. in order to curb foreign bootlegging, and the MPA has even threatened to boycott the Asian country altogether. Of course, it also affects the performance of the movies, angering filmmakers, and it even annoys us, the moviegoers, who may now be searched, spied on, or even monitored by fellow moviegoers.

How to turn it around: The occasional big busts overseas are great for the news, but they don't seem to be doing anything to curb the practice of piracy, which probably will never disappear for good. Plus, the cause comes off as something of a joke when everyone -- including cops, likely -- knows where to buy bootleg DVDs in any city's subways and streets. So, why do we end up hearing about teens busted for short-term recording instead of the real distributors of contraband? Pinpoint the real enemies, produce more intimidating results or figure out something innovative to deal with a problem that could be here for good.

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