Lame because: If this is the "Year of the Geek," then that must mean the public is finally starting to fall out of love with "The Jock." (Note: That cheerleader you lust after in fourth period? She has totally not fallen out of love with The Jock. Life doesn't work that way.)Traditional sports movies like The Final Season, Resurrecting the Champ,Pride, and Gracie tanked. Alleged comedies The Comebacks and Who's Your Caddy? currently "sport" a 7% and and 8% Rotten Tomatoes rating, respectively. Oh, and Hollywood? I thought Dodgeball was pretty funny, too. That doesn't mean every fringe sport deserves the big-screen treatment! Blades of Glory, Balls of Fury, Skis of Justice -- just stop! (Unless it's a truly awesome documentary -- more of those please.)

How to turn it around: Doesn't seem likely. If I have to read another movie synopsis that starts: "A rag-tag bunch of misfits team up to defeat their rivals in (fill in the sport)," I'll scream.This year we brought you news on upcoming projects that include bad football players who become champions, bad basketball players who become champions, bad baseball players who become champions, a refugee soccer team, more basketball, more baseball, not onebut two tennis projects (tennis? really?), something about horse racing, and a chunky Karate Kid movie that is different from a proposed Karate Kid remake with Will Smith's son. I wouldn't rule out a shuffleboard film at this point.

Next up: He sunk to a new low!

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