Those rough mornings when the sleep is still in Zac Efron's eyes, when he has to get up early, wash up, and then spend the day at work singing and dancing -- do you think that he imagines himself growing up into Matthew Perry? Not to knock Mr. Perry. He had his own share of teen work. He was the teen paramour in an episode of Just the Ten of Us, and he took a Monkeys daughter to the prom in She's Out of Control. But he was never a teen heartthrob, wallpapering the bedroom walls of young girls all over the country. Nevertheless, The Hollywood Reporter has posted that he'll play the adult Zac Efron in the upcoming Big-like comedy, 17.

As you might remember from our previous coverage of the film, the whole thing focuses on a middle-aged guy (Perry) who wakes up one day and discovers that he's 17 again. Not 17 in mind, but 17 in body -- Zac Efron's body, to be exact. As THR describes: "In order to be close to his children, he enrolls in the same school as them." You can imagine how that'll work. I wonder if he'll then go to a dance and start busting out the dance moves of the '80s. That could be sweet. What I don't get is how he knows exactly what age he is. If that happened to me, I wouldn't know if I was 16, 17, or 18. Can you spot your 17-year-old face from the years that surround it? Maybe going back in physical time also allows one to inherently know how old they are. However it works, production begins next month, so we'll have more Efron in no time.
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