In honor of the Rambo site going live, I thought we could jump back into Sylvester Stallone's first role. Before he beat people up as Rocky and Rambo, showed his behind in Tango & Cash, or took part in a Death Race, he had some X-rated fun. The year was 1970, and Stallone had scored himself not only his first acting gig, but his first starring role as "Stud" in Italian Stallion, sometimes known as The Party at Kitty and Stud's. It was a role that took him two days, and it earned him a sweet $200 paycheck.

Have no fear, neither scene that I'm sharing is NSFW. Both clips contain scenes from the movie, but nothing raunchy, aside from some wild, living room dancing (clothed). In the above clip, adult filmmaker Gail Palmer introduces the film in a long, 3-minute trailer. Included are scenes of Sly, or rather, the Italian Stallion frolicking in the snow and falling around, I presume before he got the coordination that made him an unstoppable action hero. The trailer-makers were also nice enough to include a quote from Stallone in Playboy, where he says he took on this work because he was starving. As an added bonus, below there's a brief clip from the movie, where Stud talks about moving to California. So, when you set out to see Rambo, remember that the on-screen toughness has a little Stud behind it.