Pygmalion is just a handful of years shy of its 100th birthday, but it's still going strong. Props to George Bernard Shaw for creating a story that's been hugely successful as both itself, and it's My Fair Lady remake. Now, we'll see if the trend will continue. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Weinstein Company has nabbed the worldwide rights to Bridie Clark's new novel -- I Think She's Got It. The title, of course, plays on My Fair Lady, when Eliza masters "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain." Also, while the title might have "her" getting it all, the W's literally have it all -- by "rights" I mean publishing, film, and television rights.

The novel is described as a modern-day retelling of Pygmalion -- "the Manhattan-set novel centers on a shy Midwesterner who is transformed into a sophisticated socialite by a man-about-town who insists he can turn anyone into the latest 'it' girl." Unfortunately, you won't be able to see for yourself yet. According to THR, Weinstein Books won't even be publishing the novel until 2009. After that, they'll look into both film and television projects -- a hopefully-hit movie with television series, perhaps? I wonder where the rain will fall this time.

This is the second bit of novel news for Clark, the ex-book/magazine editor. She published Because She Can, which is about "a beleaguered young book editor working for a notoriously tyrannical female publisher," earlier this year.
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