Asking me to review a brand-new Futurama movie is like asking a junkie to write an article about crack cocaine: It'll be enthusiastic and perhaps slightly amusing, but it might not be all that articulate. Having said that, I just got done watching a movie that shouldn't even exist. But Family Guy taught us that the fans CAN bring you back to life, and Firefly / Serenity proved that a "network casualty" CAN turn into a fantastic film ... so I guess all bets are off these days. (Especially when you're dealing with the Fox network, canceler of all three series.)

But let's be fair: Thanks to the endlessly profitable Simpsons revenue stream, Fox did allow Futurama to run for four stellar production seasons, but the fans were left to mope and complain as the last remaining episodes were tossed onto the airwaves with casual disdain -- which sucked extra-hard because the final episodes were all pretty great! And then Futurama was dead. Boo! I took solace in the fact that I owned all 72 episodes on DVD AND the fact opinion that Futurama is one of the most eminently "re-watchable" TV comedies ever produced. So it could have been worse: Fox still owes me another four or five seasons of Arrested Development, and I'm still waiting.

So imagine my slack-jawed geek-face when I learned that, whoa, Futurama would be returning ... in some form! Turns out that Fox Home Video is once again in the resurrection business, because here come FOUR new Futurama movies! Wow! The only catch is that you can't see the Planet Express crew in a cinematic adventure (yet), but here's the good news: The first DVD flick, Bender's Big Score, is funnier than most theatrical-release comedies -- and yep, that includes The Simpsons Movie.