Hot because: Three fetus-centric comedies turn out to be some of the best films of the year! From enjoying the luminous Waitress at Sundance and the hilarious Knocked Up at South By Southwest, I thought I'd had my fill of high-quality, well-written, strangely insightful and powerfully funny movies about pregnancy -- and then I went to Toronto and saw the brilliantly lovable Juno -- which I'd definitely label "one of the year's best movies."

How to stay hot: Well, it's a simple formula, really. Pregnancy implies sex, which can also be hilarious. But babies also indicate a sense of family, of loyalty, and of plain old cuteness. So avoid the sitcom standards by doing what Judd Apatow, Jason Reitman, and the late, great Adrienne Shelley did: Keep making good movies about one of humanity's oldest and most poignant absurdities: childbirth.

Next up: D'oh!

Where did they rank?

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