Hot because: Everyone wants to be Wonder Woman (except John Travolta, fortunately), and casting speculation has been going for more than a year about various movie incarnations of the comic-book character. Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman project died a sad death, Warner Brothers picked up a different script they claimed they won't use ... and now the Justice League movie will include Wonder Woman.

But who would play the superheroine in the Justice League film? Would it be Jessica Biel? We thought so ... but no. Shannyn Sossamon, maybe? Australian Teresa Palmer? Rumors flew about all kinds of actresses, with claims that Katie Holmes had secretly auditioned for the role. The latest rumors named Megan Gale -- hopefully we'll find out soon enough, as an announcement from Warner Brothers about casting is overdue.

How to stay hot: A successful Justice League movie with a well-cast Wonder Woman might pave the way for a future solo outing for the superheroine, whether Whedon is involved or not.
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