Lame because: Even if you put the actor in a first-class fat suit and hire the best makeup artists to work their wonders on him, John Travolta as Edna Turnblad in Hairspray is still recognizably himself in drag, with an accent on the him. He seemed to be enjoying himself, but could not compare to Divine in the same role back in 1988. In addition, the dance number with Christopher Walken made me feel like Travolta was keeping Walken from bursting out into fabulous dance moves.

How to turn it around: Travolta will never fit in Divine's spectacular heels, so it's time to go back to playing a guy. Hairspray was a good reminder that Travolta has a certain flair for comedy, so perhaps after he's done with the Pelham One Two Three remake, he'd do well to find lighter (but not broader) roles.

Next up: Stop the insaninty!
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