Very often when I'm watching a movie trailer these days, I'll be thinking to myself "What is this crapola? Who agreed to be in this nonsense?" And then Samuel L. Jackson comes walking into frame all solemn-like and says something about how "we only have 48 hours to return the diamond to the magic factory," or some such hoo-ha. I know Jackson came from humble beginnings, and if someone was offering me millions of dollars to travel to exotic locales and be treated like a king, I'd take it too. But with each dud project, the guy becomes a lot less exciting as an actor. Remember how thrilling he was in Pulp Fiction all those years ago? I certainly don't get that same feeling watching, say, The Man. It's starting to seem like Jackson accepts every project that is placed in front of him.

Which brings me to today's announcement. Variety reports that Jackson has signed to star in Man That Rocks the Cradle. The comedy "revolves around an overworked husband and father of four who decides the solution to all his problems is a live-in nanny." Jackson will naturally play the "manny," Marion Delacroix, a highly respected "kid whisperer" from down South. Josh Cagan wrote the script, which is based on a story by Cagan and Rob McKittrick (the decent comedy Waiting...). Don't get me wrong, Sam Jackson screaming and cussing at little children could be hilarious. But I have to suspect this is going to be a warmhearted family comedy that hits the exact same tired bases as Three Men and a Baby, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Pacifier, etc, etc. We shall see. Until then, you can see Jackson in...every third movie released.

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