Listen up ladies (and gay men everywhere) -- Brad Pitt wants you to know that he will not be performing any more nude scenes for the remainder of his career. Get that? His reason: "I don't want to be embarrassed when my kids get old enough to see my films. I can't see any more nude scenes [in my career]." Should we go the whole moment of silence route? Is it worth it? During his interview with the BBC (via People), Pitt's eyes were clearly on the future. "I figure I've got very few films left. Who knows how many I'll get to do now, so I want something I'm interested in. Otherwise, I don't want to bother. I think it's a younger person's game." Is it just me, or does the guy sound like an over-the-hill actor approaching his 90th birthday. Dude! Lumet is 83-years-old and he's opening up his films with Marisa Tomei doing it doggy-style! Get a grip Pitt!

Oh, but we're not done. When asked whether the gang would reunite for another Ocean's flick, Pitt replied: "There's no more. I think we need to put away childish things." Childish things? Is this the same Brad Pitt we all grew to love and adore? The Ocean's films were simple, funny and enjoyable -- is Pitt trying to say that comedy is childish? Fortunately, his old lady Angelina Jolie isn't done rolling around with younger men, while playing with big toys. Her next film, Wanted, finds the gal blowing up all kinds of nonsense. Oh, and she also voices a character in the animated (and childish) flick Kung Fu Panda. Note to Pitt: For the sake of your children, loosen the hell up.

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