Retro, old-school clips are usually good for a surprise -- seeing that star as a wee, young thing, or just seeing someone we recognize in a different time. But sometimes it's fun to pull something from memory. Back in late '80s, early '90s, I had a thing for ABC soap operas -- Anna and Duke, Eterna, and all the crazy stuff. From 1992-1993, there was a character on One Life to Live called Billy Douglas. He was a young, blonde kid who also happened to be gay. That kid was played by Ryan Phillippe, in his first professional gig.

Again, I'm going to share two clips. Above, Billy comes out to his dad, who doesn't make the whole discussion easy. His dad swears that someone made him think he was gay, and that it's not possible. Yeah, because a few words would make a kid decide to shake up his life that much. Later, in the clip below, there's a nice family dinner with ma, pops, Billy, and his boyfriend Rick. Unfortunately, Dad still isn't comfortable with this whole idea.

With both his gay days with Rick and his married life with Reese behind him, Phillippe will hit the big screen once again this March in Kimberly Peirce's Stop Loss.