For those of you who are already sick to death of all the big-screen TV adaptations, you're not gonna like this latest news. According to an interview over at with Shawn Wayans, the guys who brought you Scary Movie, White Chicks and Little Man are gearing up to bring The Munsters back to life up on the big screen. Yup, The Munsters. Ya know, the 1960s television show that starred the late Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster, the father of a family of friendly monsters. Al Lewis played Grandpa? Butch Patrick was young Eddie? Remember? Wayans says, "We're contemporizing it ... something I want to clear up is that we're not going to be in it. We're just writing and producing it. We're going to get some white people and paint them green." Might I start off by suggesting you cast the winners of Cinematical's Halloween costume contest. Different characters, but they certainly have the whole green thing down.

So will the boys go raunchy with their new, updated Munsters look? Wayans says the flick will be PG-13, partly because their R-rated movies weren't making a lot of money; they claim audiences were seeing them, but kids were buying tickets for other movies and sneaking into theirs. Hence, they'd like to lower the rating to allow more people to gain access. And when The Munsters crashes and burns (and it should), they'll probably blame the theater employees for giving away the wrong tickets. And then they'll blame us for "accidentally" going to see the wrong movie. But Wayans, who wanted to make it clear that his family was not at all involved with Scary Movie 3, 4 or the upcoming part crap5, did get one thing right: That once they left the Scary Movie franchise, things went downhill.

When asked about the spoof sequels, Wayans replied, "Yeah, they sucked. Scary Movie 2 was better than both of them and it wasn't our best one, we know that, we were rushed to do that movie...the studio that was doing them (pauses) ... [interviewer asks, "The Weinsteins?"] ... "Yeah (sighs) that's all I have to say. Don't worry though, we got some more R rated movies coming." In the meantime, Moviehole (who turned us on to this story) claims Sophie Monk has joined Scary Movie 5, and she'll be playing Anna Faris' evil twin sister. Additionally, Hulk Hogan is rumored to be up for a part as well. Oh boy -- The Munsters and Scary Movie 5! If sh*t could talk, I think it would say: "Get ready for one helluva 2008 people!"

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