Justice League, Justice League, Justice League... The casting choices are finally coming out, there's no big stars attached thus far, and that's not even the reason everyone's apprehensive. It's just got the mad stink of possible crap. But Kevin Smith has a great idea that he shared with MTV. While he thinks it may be wise to cast the action flick with unknowns, "It's not like you can put Brad Pitt in it and he's gonna be more important than f***ing Batman. Or Superman," he does think that one old pro should return to the fold and take on Batman once again.

Not George Clooney. "For me, it's like, I would definitely cast Michael Keaton as Batman. I thought Michael Keaton was an awesome Batman. And in a world where they don't want to crossover with what Chris Nolan is doing in Dark Knight, I mean, why not cast Michael Keaton?" MTV brings up the age factor, because the guy is 56, but Smith says: "I'd be nice if Batman was the older man. He plays such an integral part in that movie, from what [I heard] -- he's kind of the lynchpin upon which the entire machine turns. So it would be nice to see."

I have to say, I totally agree. Keaton still has the jaw, and has kept himself in good shape, so why not? As long as the script isn't completely terrible, and they put some effort into filming, I bet people would just go to see him again and relive old movie days of Batman. Sometimes the best thing for a franchise is just a little shift to keep things fresh and amp up excitement. I think it would be great if Batman returns, but do you? Sorry about the pun... I couldn't help myself.
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