There's no more Trans Am goodness for Michael Knight or rather, the next generation -- Mike Tracer. (Every time I hear his name, I think of the Chasing Amy tracer rant.) The first KITT was a Pontiac Trans Am T-top, but this time around, the Knight Rider back-door pilot/television special is getting some Ford power. Jalopnik scored pictures of the new generation KITT, and it's a 550 HP Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang, which you can see above.

Never being a Trans Am fan, I'm pretty happy with the auto choice. It's modernized, but it still has the lights and KITT feel to it. (The site mentions that the lights were photoshopped in for the picture, because they weren't working when it was taken; but otherwise, that's the car in all its real glory.) Before, I just liked the idea of a car you could chat with -- it makes long trips alone all the more fun. (I wonder if KITT would sing along to the radio?) But now, I would love to take that out for a test-drive. How about you?

[via Coming Soon]

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