Hot because: 2007 was a very good -- and very big -- year for the Boy Who Lived. With the final book in the series finally published, followed closely by the release of the fifth film, Harry Potter was on the minds and websites of would-be wizards everywhere. Between the ticket sales, book sales, and all the merchandise a Muggle needs to masquerade as a wizard, series author JK Rowling has made herself rich enough to earn a slot on the Forbes Billionaire list -- as the list's only author!

How to stay hot: That little controversy over the Harry Potter Lexicon has rubbed some fans the wrong way, while others back up Rowling's right to preserve and protect. Just don't forget it was your fans who made you a billionaire, Jo. As for the franchise, there are two movies yet to come, so don't fall asleep at the wheel -- hardcore Potter fans expect a rocking ending to the series on screen, so don't disappoint.

No more quibbling over whether you'll finish the series out either, Ms. Watson -- we don't want any substitutes stepping into the roles of Harry, Ron and Hermione, thankyouverymuch. And pick an awesome director for the seventh film. Alfonso Cuaron told us he'd be interested in coming back for the finale, and we'd be all over that. Guillermo del Toro would be cool too, though -- imagine his vision mixed with the Potter universe! Lastly, we know you said there won't be any more books about Harry, but how about a series about the next generation at Hogwarts? Just an idea ... toss some bucks our way if you make another billion off it.

Next up: Good things come in packages of three!

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