Hot because: Have we mentioned we love Juno? Director Jason Reitman really hit the ball out of the park with his second feature film, Juno, about a pregnant teen (Ellen Page) who finds adoptive parents (Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman) for her unborn child in the Penny Saver. One of our favorite films of the year, Juno hits every mark and keeps the laughs coming with sharp, pithy dialog and a suprisingly touching storyline. Scribe Diablo Cody gets credit for a remarkably well-written first script, while Reitman scores for perfect casting choices, even-handed direction, and letting Cody stay involved in the production to ensure the film stayed true to her script. Juno is great from start-to-finish, and will end up on many "top ten" and Oscar-pick lists. Will Juno get some Oscar love? We're sure hoping the Academy has enough of a sense of humor to appreciate this winning comedy.

How to keep it hot: Cody is hot property now, with Reitman producing her next project, Jennifer's Body, and a pilot for Showtime (The United States of Tara) being produced by Steven Spielberg. The former stripper-turned-super-scribe has to keep up her game, though, and show that Juno wasn't just a one-hit-wonder. If she keeps her scripts tight and funny, though, we'll be enjoying her quirkly sense of humor for years to come. As for Reitman, his consistent vision for what comedy can and should be is coming to fruition -- he just needs to keep making smart choices around what scripts he directs and produces. He's more than shown he knows what he's going behind the camera and that he's not just a Hollywood brat riding dad Ivan Reitman's coattails. Now he just needs to keep it consistent, and maintain his image as one of Hollywood's genuine nice guys, and we'll be with him all the way.

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