Sometimes there's nothing scarier than a real location. It could be the dingy air of Detroit, or hop a little bit east for the so-called armpit of America -- Buffalo. There's all sorts of thrilling stories that could take place there. Thrills can be had amongst the fires of Cheektowaga, or the daily dumping of snow each winter. Unfortunately, "Whiteout" is being used for that Kate Beckinsale movie, so this upcoming Buffalo thriller will have to take place inside. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that John Cusack has signed on to star in The Factory-- a psychological thriller set in the good city of Buffalo.

Once again, like his thriller stint in 1408, Cusack will play the sad dad on a mission. But this time around, he's "an obsessed cop who, with his partner, is on the trail of a serial killer prowling the streets of Buffalo, NY. When his teenage daughter disappears, the cop drops any professional restraint and goes all out to get the killer." The script comes from Aussie Project Greenlight winner Morgan O'Neill, who will also direct, and reportedly he co-wrote the script with someone else, but they weren't named in the news piece. The film will begin shooting this January, which is pretty adventurous of the filmmakers, unless Buffalo will be built on a backlot somewhere in Hollywood. Hopefully it's the former. We don't get too many cop thrillers set in blizzards.
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