I'm already convinced we'll continually circle the same names over and over and over ... until, eventually, this whole thing will just go away. Yup, we're in Justice League limbo -- not quite development hell or greenlight heaven; we're here to just wait and speculate. It would appear that Warner Bros. has this film cast already. Then why are we hearing (yet again) from sites like AICN and IESB when it comes to casting confirmations? These names should've hit the trades a week or two ago, when we first reported on them. But no. So here we are. Again.

AICN claims they can confirm 100% with all sorts of inside studio sources, their siblings and their siblings' children that Megan Gale has officially landed the part of Wonder Woman in the new live-action Justice League Film. She's from Australia, used to be a fashion model, appeared in the movie Stealth and, well, that's all there is to know at this time. Additionally, and with the same certainty, IESB claims that dude Armie Hammer has landed the role of Batman. He played Barrett on one episode of Desperate Housewives. Kurt on one episode of Veronica Mars. And Student #2 on one episode of Arrested Development. And now he'll play Batman in the long-awaited Justice League flick. Don't try to find the logic people; I've been searching for months now and nada. Will an official announcement come soon? Maybe. Maybe not. So you'll have to make do with this for now.

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