Lame because: How many 1980s TV cartoons do you really want to see on the big screen, even if you loved them as a child? Many people loved the Transformers adaptation this summer (although Scott and James were not among the fans), but will audiences be quite so hyped about a movie based on He-Man or Thundercats? This year's remake of horror classic Halloween tanked, but that's not stopping Rob Zombie from wanting to remakeC.H.U.D. next. Teen movies appear to be the next step in 80s remakes, with rumors abounding about a Greaseremake with Jessica Simpson and a Footlooseremake with Zac Efron.

How to turn it around: Find another decade of films to focus remake efforts -- but wait, no more from the 1930s. Or the 1970s. Maybe it would be best just to find another source of material for Hollywood crowd-pleasers.

Next up: Stop rewarding bad behavior!

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