Lame because: Despite her status as one of Hollywood's most popular pin-ups, she still can't seem to pick a movie that affirms her status as a "movie star." She appeared in four movies this year, and none of them were very remarkable with regards to her career. First was the independent sketch-comedy The Ten, which didn't even break a million bucks at the box office. Then, she returned for the relatively successful Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, which certainly wasn't a hit because of her -- and anyway, the comic book sequel was pretty lame despite its high gross. Next was Good Luck Chuck, which probably failed due to the part in the trailer where Alba walks into that rubber-looking pole, because it those shots of her in the penguin panties and holding a melting ice cream should have attracted millions of young boys, at least. Or maybe the hilariously bad reviews kept people away. Finally, there's Awake, which had the most mystifyingly unappealing ads of the year. An actress so good-looking should be on the hot list for 2007, but due to her embarrassing track record, she's just way too lame.

How to turn it around: She's got another bunch of movies coming out in 2008, and some of them appear to be more interesting, including the horror remake The Eye. Appearing in such a solid genre should give her the biggest non-Fantastic hit on her resume, too (and it helps that it actually kind of looks better than the original). Co-starring with Mike Myers instead of Dane Cook should also be great for her career, and a Sin City sequel will keep her fans happy. Now she just needs to find a non-ensemble action franchise to star in. If only a long-hoped-for Dark Angel movie was actually in the works.

Next up: Not that kind of pirate!
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