Imagine graduating from high school, making a few short films and music videos in Omaha, Nebraska, and then deciding to write a feature. So far, it seems completely plausible. Now, imagine that you write one with Oscar winner Martin Landau in mind for the lead. Still, it can happen, although it's a pretty optimistic endeavor. Top that off by imagining that he actually agrees to do it, and then you score one hell of a cast to go along with him. It sounds like a fanboy fantasy, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, it's come true for one luck Nebraskan filmmaker.

Nik Fackler wrote up Lovely Still, a "holiday fable," about this old man who works as a bagger in a grocery store when he finally finds his first love. He scored himself a meeting with Landau, spent hours convincing him that he was worth it, and things went on from there. Landau got Ellen Burstyn involved, who will play his paramour, and then Elizabeth Banks (the future porno-making Miri) signed on to play her daughter, and Adam Scott (the jerky husband on Tell Me You Love Me) signed on to play the store owner. Fackler is even getting a score from Nathaniel Walcott and Michael Riley Mogis of Bright Eyes. Talk about a killer first-feature gig. Producer Lars Knudsen says: "It's a testament to his talent, that at such a young age he has wooed actors like Martin and Ellen; he's one of those naturals who never went to film school." Knudsen also wonders if Nik will follow in fellow Omaha native Alexander Payne's footsteps. They're currently filming over there in Nebraska.

I'm completely sold. How about you?
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