Best Christmas MoviesThe Christmas season is a time for celebration, family and, of course, watching copious amounts of Christmas movies. Like any true movie buffs would, the editors at Moviefone honored the holiday by watching Christmas movies for days and days -- everything from lumps of coal/rancid turds such as Surviving Christmas and Reindeer Games (thanks for nothing, Ben Affleck!) to glorious cinematic gifts such as It's a Wonderful Life and Elf-- to bring you the definitive list of the 25 Best Christmas Movies ever to grace the silver screen. (Sorry, Grinch and Rudolph aficionados, no TV specials or made-for-TV movies here.)

Rather than ruin the surprise and unwrap the full list right now, however, Moviefone is providing trivia clues to the identity of each film and revealing just one movie every day until we unveil No. 1 on Christmas Eve. It's kind of like an Advent calendar for cinema buffs. So place your guesses to the mystery movies here, and have a very merry Christmas.