God bless Al Roker. Has the guy even seen one Batman film, read one Batman comic -- does he even know who the character of Batman is? Apparently not, because he comes off as a complete moron while interviewing some of the cast of next summer's The Dark Knight; most notably Christian Bale and Aaron Eckhart. Roker visited the set of The Dark Knight, and filed a report for The Today Show (which you can see above). Here's how Roker opens his interview with Bale (of course it's much funnier to watch): Roker: "When we last saw Batman, we had gotten rid of the ... villains. There was a homicidal ... guy ... with the Joker out there. Where do we pick up here?" What? Who preps you for this sh*t Roker?

Oh, but the screw ups don't end there for The Today Show; halfway through the interview and set coverage, they flash a doctored-up, fan-made photo of The Joker in an attempt to pass it off as Heath Ledger's version. Who's doing the research? There were plenty of Ledger pics to choose from. Sloppy production work, folks. Very sloppy. Moving on ... we don't get much in the way of new footage here, but we do see Bale talking about the Batman character (with tons of footage from Batman Begins thrown in), as well as a brief chat with Eckhart regarding Harvey Dent. They also show a behind-the-scenes clip of what appears to be a political rally for Dent. Not much, but it's worth it just to watch how uncomfortable Roker looks during this entire thing. Note to The Today Show: Get yourself a real movie critic to do this stuff from now on.

[via The Movie Blog]