Well I guess things are going well on the set of The Incredible Hulk because Edward Norton and co-star Tim Blake Nelson seem to have become serious BFFs. Coming Soon.net reports that Norton and Nelson (sounds like a vaudeville team doesn't it?) will work together on the crime comedy, Leaves of Grass. Norton will direct the comedy about twin brothers who get mixed up with "murderous potheads" – which to me sounds like a contradiction in terms. Norton will play both brothers, of which one is a successful professor and the other is a low-life criminal who unfortunately is not exactly a mastermind. Nelson will produce as well as star in the flick, but there is no word on his role in the film.

Norton has some experience when it comes to directing comedy, since his first effort behind the camera was the 2000 romantic comedy, Keeping the Faith. Knowing how Norton likes to get involved behind the camera for his films, it wouldn't surprise me if he has some writing in mind for this project as well. Norton's latest project, the political thriller State of Play has hit a snag now that co-star Brad Pitt has left the project (although there is still the chance that Russell Crowe is going to swoop in and save the film by filling in where Pitt left off). So it's probably not a bad idea for Norton to line up another project just in case. Grass is reportedly scheduled to begin shooting on location in New Orleans this March.
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