Cinema offers a gluttonous amount of themes for many people. There's more torture porn than any blood-loving horndog could want. There's enough stereotypical teen fare out there that we'll never forget our own youthful woes. There's 50-million musicals, and 700 billion zombie movies. There are also romcoms up the wazoo and political dramas for when we want to be reminded of the world's woes. The seniors crowd (the old folks, not the 12th graders), however, doesn't get too much love.

Whenever a decent movie about the older generations comes out, it's pretty noteworthy because there's nothing like it. There was Richard Farnsworth's wonderful portrayal of Alvin Straight in The Straight Story, and more recently, Sarah Polley's Away from Her. Today, I already mentioned the upcoming love affair between Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn, but there's also some geriatric love coming from Zurich. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some more older-folk films in the next few years, especially an English-language remake of Bettina Oberli's Late Bloomers.

Reuters reports that it's taking Switzerland by storm. In a country that has less than 8 million people, 610,000 tickets have already sold for the film -- making it the best take for a Swiss flick in 25 years. When it slipped onto television, it "broke all records, grabbing an unheard of 58% market share." Apparently all of the older folks are going to see it, even if they never go to the movies. The film stars 87-year-old Stephanie Glasner as a retired woman who decides to fulfill her dream to run a homemade lingerie shop. Sure, this is across the Atlantic, but I wouldn't be surprised if the right film could make similar waves here. It's not like people over 60 are put to pasture, and I'm sure they'd love to see something on the screens that's more entertaining and easier to relate to.