It's been so long since I last saw an X-Filesepisode that I haven't the tiniest recollection of how the series ended. So, it isn't surprising that I'm a little confused about the plot of the upcoming X-Files movie sequel/series spin-off. The guys at Moviehole have the scoop on some heavily spoilerific details on at least the first half hour of the untitled XF2*. Apparently it involves more aliens, a "Frankenstein-type" doctor, body snatchers, missing persons and a hostage situation being investigated by some new FBI agents we've never met before, including one who might serve the bureau as the "new Mulder". There's also another main agent character that might be played by Lance Henriksen, despite the fact that the actor has previously been on the show as his Millenniumcharacter, Frank Black. According to Moviehole, there's no sign of Mulder and Scully in the first-act synopsis given to them by "a little green man," which would certainly be a problem were it to be true.

Imagine an X-Files movie without David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Or, even one that didn't feature them prominently. Obviously, this is not the case with XF2; it's probable that they will indeed be re-introduced early on in the movie and will appear a lot throughout the first act in their own part of the grand scheme of the plot -- the synopsis shared with Moviehole is likely just the subplot that doesn't involve them, perhaps because it's being shot first and/or separately. Anyway, as always, the truth is out there, somewhere, and it's only a matter of time before we hear what the real deal is. Moviehole additionally reports that casting is currently happening in Canada, so hopefully we'll hear some news on that soon, as well. As we previously learned, the movie is supposed to begin shooting in December and is set to hit theaters next July.

*UPDATE: Apparently the plot/character details are incorrect and director Chris Carter is merely using old character descriptions in order to more-secretly cast for XF2. Thanks to all the commenters for pointing out the correction.
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