First of all, I've been reliably informed that it's actually not new, just out of use for a long time -- long enough that last week was the first time I'd ever heard of it in over two years of seeing movie screenings in Manhattan more or less daily. I'm talking about a critic's screening room that's actually located inside a Planet Hollywood in Manhattan's Times Square. Right up until the moment I showed up for my screening of Revolver earlier this week, I thought 'Oh, Planet Hollywood has funded a new screening room, how interesting.' Then when I showed up to the address, it was the address of the restaurant. I walked inside and looked around for a few minutes, re-checked the address I'd written on my notepad, and then walked up to a waiter and said "Where's the screening room?" expecting to be looked at like a crazy person. But she simply pointed me to a little stairwell and told me to go all the way up.

Cut to me walking through a dining room full of people eating their burgers and fries and waiters twirling around me with their trays. This was the first time I'd been inside one of these places since I was like, 15, when the big draw was still memorabilia, and the fate of the franchise was of some concern to Bruce Willis, as I recall. I suppose there was some memorabilia in this place, but I didn't see any as I looked around, and that was disappointing. If I was going to eat at Planet Hollywood, I'd want the Predator's dreadlocks hanging in my soup -- why else go? Also, although there *were* drink holders on the chairs in the tiny and rather unimpressive room, eating in there was apparently as taboo as in any other screening room. That's the end of my story.

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