Okay, she hasn't been in a movie for awhile because she's been busy being Mrs. Tom Cruise and having a freakishly cute baby, but I have to admit, I still like Katie Holmes and keep hoping she'll come back and do another film. She was quite good in Pieces of April, and then just as it seemed she might be the next breakout indie actress, in came Tom Cruise to sweep her off into happily-ever-after, Scientology style, and we've hardly seen the girl since. And then all of a sudden, she shows up with this spiffy new hairdo.

But what's up with Tom rocking the Third Reich look? I know he's been filming Valkryie, but isn't it in post-prod now? Time to lose that hairdo, Tom, seriously. It looks like he's wearing a toupee that's slipping. As for Katie, my husband took one look at this pic and said her hair reminds him of Julia Roberts when she was wearing the hooker wig in Pretty Woman, but I kinda like the Louise Brooks vibe she has going here.

Could this be Katie's "I'm less than a year away from leaving this marriage and going for an Oscar" look, like "ex-Mrs. Cruise" Nicole Kidman? Is she just angling for a tony modeling gig, or perhaps a good starring role so she can ease out of stay-at-home-momhood and slip back into her serious actress shoes? Or did she just want to look hot to support her man?

What do you think of Katie's new look?


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