There's been a persistent rumor for months that the Bond producers had figured out a way to smuggle Eva Green into the next Bond film, still titled Bond 22 at this point -- the rumor was that the deceased Vesper Lynd would appear at some point in a pre-recorded video message intended for James Bond, and this message would somehow spark the action and link the film back to the first film. Well, Green has now put that rumor to rest in a big interview with The Observer that ran this past weekend. Green specifically tells the paper that she will not be appearing in the film, but that "there will be pictures [of Vesper] and things like that. I don't know who the Bond girl's gonna be. I'm a bit jealous! I hope it will be terrible. I will be the love of his life!" is running the Eva Green news as well as pointing to a recent interview with Daniel Craig for New York Daily News, in which he lets it be known that he's now officially picking up his Bond 22 paychecks, doing stunt training in the run up to the January start-date. He also talks about seeing Casino Royale for the first time on an editing machine and breathing a sigh of relief over how well it turned out. He also tells the interviewer that he wants his Bond films to maintain a style that harkens back to the earliest entries in the Bond series, Dr. No and and From Russia With Love. "They had a style about them that was amazing and different," Craig says. Bond 22 is currently being prepped for a November 7, 2008 release date.

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