We all know Judd Apatow and his crew had one heckuva 2007, but what does their 2008 look like? Well, the much buzzed-about Pineapple Express is beginning to show its face around these parts, and it's the face of green. Lots of green. Usually we'll get a trailer before a clip, but it seems like they're reversing that here as JoBlo has nabbed a pretty long clip from the film to get the party started. Also joining said clip is the film's first official still photo. In Pineapple Express, Seth Rogen and James Franco star as two potheads who run into all sorts of trouble when one (or both?) of them witness a cop commit murder.

The scene in question looks to be from the very beginning of the movie, or at least before all the action kicks in. Rogen shows up to Franco's house to buy some pot; they, in turn, talk about the different strands of pot for awhile before deciding to share this bizarre-looking airplane joint. The scene ends with a knock at the door. Franco, who we're used to seeing play "the hot stud" in most films, has taken on the stoner/dealer persona for this flick. He sort of reminds me of Brad Pitt's character from True Romance, to give you an idea. The scene itself isn't all that special, and it goes on for pretty long, but I've been hearing all sorts of great things about the film ... so we'll reserve judgment at this point. Here's what you've got as far as stats go: Superbad writers Rogen and Evan Goldberg penned the script, with story and producer credits from Judd Apatow, and David Gordon Green (of all people) directed. Check out the photo above and the clip over here. Pineapple Express is due out in theaters on August 8.