has made what seems like a perfectly reasonable assumption to me: that the first trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull -- I'll never like that title -- may debut during the Super Bowl on February 3rd. Paramount has already declared that the trailer will arrive in February, but it was assumed in some quarters that the premiere would be attached to Paramount's biggest February release, The Spiderwick Chronicles. But really, is that a big enough event? The trailer would be a far bigger deal than the movie it's attached to. Putting the Indy 4 trailer up during the Super Bowl makes infinitely more sense to me, and I can't imagine the marketing department at Paramount isn't thinking the same thing. Additionally, CS also reports that the first trailer for Star Trek XI will most likely play before Cloverfield in January. And The Dark Knight is on schedule to debut its new teaser in front of I Am Legend on December 14.

In other Indy 4 news, fans of Ray Winstone may want to see the film if just to say farewell -- the actor appears to be so exhausted by filming that epic and his other recent projects that he's now actively considering retirement. "I've achieved it [career success] and now I'm finished," he's gone on record as saying. "I'm going to let me girls [his kids] get on with it and they can look after me. No more -- seriously. That's it." Winstone's role in Indy 4 is as Mac, a sidekick character that will presumably pick up the slack of not having Denholm Elliott be part of the script. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull -- nope, still don't like it -- is scheduled to hit theaters on Memorial Day.