Suicide isn't pretty, but it's about to get even gorier with a new film called Hurt. Variety reports that producers of Rob Zombie's Halloween have nabbed the horror thriller -- the first script sold by writers Anthony Grieco and Jeff Drongowski, for newcomer Adam Finberg to direct. Coincidentally, the script was optioned by Trancas International Films just before the writers strike, on Halloween. The film focuses on "a group of estranged best friends who are reunited after another commits suicide. [The] gathering ends up becoming a bloodbath because [the] meeting was set up as retribution." Sound familiar?

If not, I'm guessing that you're not a fan of The Venture Brothers. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys were, and then put a spin on the Past Tense episode where Dr. Venture, Brock, Baron Underbheit, and Mr. White attend the funeral of college friend Mike Sorayama, just to find themselves kidnapped and about to be killed. I imagine in this suicide incarnation, there will be a lot more blood, and a lot less role-playing sex with Leslie Cohen. (Why don't we have Venture movies yet?!)

While some of you out there might not have been happy with the Halloween remake, it did, as Variety says, "scare up $71 million," so we'll have to see if a little Hurt does the same. Hell, it worked for Nine Inch Nails, and I wouldn't be surprised if the song makes its way into the film, since the lyrics are fitting.
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