Last year, there was a little show called Raines. It starred Jeff Goldblum as a detective who solved crimes by talking to himself. However, instead of just muttering inwards, he'd hallucinate and see the slain people he was investigating. When he saved them, so to speak, by finding their killers, the hallucinations would go away until the next murder was discovered.The show might not have made it to its second season on TV this year, but we're about to see some similar cinematic treatment.

The Hollywood Reporter has posted that IFC Entertainment is about to score the distribution rights to Hong Kong directors Johnnie To and Wai Ka-fai's Mad Detective, which they call an "offbeat cop thriller." The film stars Lau Ching-wan as "a loopy police inspector who solves cases by seeing a suspect's inner 'ghosts.' After a long absence from the force for mental-health reasons, he is brought back to track down a missing officer." So it isn't quite murdered people, but the same general idea. The film has screened in Venice and Toronto, and Variety described one scene as such: "Lau Ching-wan plays Inspector Bun, who, in a witty intro, solves a murder by getting his sidekick, Ho Ka-on (Andy On), to zip him up inside a suitcase -- like the victim -- and chuck it downstairs. 'It was the ice cream seller,' he proudly announces as he's pulled out." If this sounds like your cup of cop tea, IFC is releasing it in theaters and VOD, if they seal the deal.
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