This is probably the best vampire brothel movie since Tales From the Crypt Presents Bordello of Blood. That's not saying much since, to the best of my knowledge, this recent release from Bloody Earth Films is the only blood sucking cathouse movie since that particularly odd partnership between The Crypt Keeper and Dennis Miller. Interestingly the word "vampire" is never used anywhere in A Feast of Flesh, which I think is a smart move. Once you actually use the word vampire you're stuck with it and all the clichés and predisposed notions that come with it. I think not using the word lends an air of mystery. John Landis did the same thing in Innocent Blood and of course one of the big jokes in Shaun of the Dead was to not use the "zed word" (meaning "zombie") because as Shaun puts it, "it's ridiculous."

An affable fellow named John wins an invitation to an exclusive brothel in a poker game. The Bathory house has been around for 200 years, offering its clientele the most exotic of carnal pleasures. The name of the place and its madame, a woman named Elizabet (nope, there's no "h" on the end) are obviously inspired by the real life Hungarian countess who is said to have bathed in the blood of young women in order to preserve her own youth. With invitation in hand, John tries to talk his buddy Seth into coming along, but he's still down in the dumps over his fiancée walking out on him and moving to New York. John decides to go anyway, bringing along his friend Aaron and his wife to be. As the prostitutes are brought out (a far less enticing bunch than we were led to believe) John recognizes one of them as Terri, Seth's ex-fiancée. He leaves his two companions to their carnal delights while he rushes off to tell his best friend that the love of his life would rather turn tricks than be with him. What a pal.
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