Thanks to Biloxi Blues and Big Top Pee-Wee, Penelope Ann Miller was one of my childhood crushes. I think the attraction continued for a few years until I found her completely annoying in Kindergarten Cop. Since then, I haven't really watched her in anything except Carlito's Way, and that wasn't until fairly recently. Still, I always felt kinda bad for her, mostly due to those rumors that ex-boyfriend Al Pacino had purposefully ruined her career. Of course, Pacino neither ruined her career nor ruined her love life (who knew she was shortly married to Will Arnett?). Now, Miller is married and she's adding another movie to her resume. According to the Hollywood Reporter, she's been cast in Free Style, a coming-of-age action-drama set in the world of motocross. Unfortunately, she doesn't appear to be gearing up to ride. Instead, she'll be playing a single mom to one of the riders. Her part doesn't sound too small, though, as her character is given even more description than that: she's a single mom who "strives to provide for her family while studying full-time to become a nurse."

Free Style, which was previously titled Metal Birding, began filming last month and stars Corbin Bleu (High School Musical) as a motocross racer attempting to win the Amateur National Championships while also helping to provide for his own family (no connection between Bleu and Miller's characters are given, but it would seem they'd be son and mother). Also in the cast are Sandra Echeverria (Crazy), as Bleu's girlfriend, Matt Bellefleur (Christmas in Wonderland), who plays Bleu's rival, nine-year-old Madison Pettis (Barney & Friends) and motocross star Grant Langston, who cameos as Bleu's idol. The movie is now being helmed by William Dear (Harry and the Hendersons), who is replacing original director Jeff Woolnough, whose reason for leaving is unknown.
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