Jack Putter to the rescue!

There's lots of names that get thrown around when you talk about cinematic heroes in the '80s. Some people will cite the beefcake fighters like Jean Claude Van Damme. Others will cite Harrison Ford's adventure-thriving Indiana Jones. There's also Superman, Maverick, John McClane, Axel Foley, Rocky... You name it. But they all pale in comparison to one man. He wasn't so wimpy that he needed sweat-covered muscles, fighting moves, or big guns. All he needed was a little, itty bitty man inside him, and a good, healthy dose of the crazy. The man was Jack Putter.

Yes, Martin Short. Some might say that SCTV is his best work, but there's something about his portrayal of Jack Putter in Innerspace that is just beyond irresistible. While many comedic actors can pull off slapstick, it usually has that air of forced goofiness. But not for Short. He can shriek, flail, and fall over and make it seem perfectly natural to his character. There is no one else that could have pulled Putter off -- making both the over-the-top hypochondria and physical ordeal seem natural. It also helps that he's not falling to the slapstick weight of poor decisions that make many comedies today uncomfortable. Putter is a purely enjoyable and laugh-inducing character.
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