Okay, how many people from Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan have not sued the production? By now, I would assume that at least half of these guys have, and even though it has been over a year since the flick has screened to audiences, disgruntled, unknowing participants are still rolling in. Reuters reports that the latest guy to complain is driving instructor Michael Psenicska. Remember the scene? According to his lawsuit, he was fooled into thinking that he was part of a "documentary about the integration of foreign people into the American way of life." He names star Sacha Baron Cohen, One America Productions, Todd Lewis, and Twentieth Century Fox in the claim.

The instructor says he got $500 in cash for the lesson, and says that it was all "surreal," as Cohen drove erratically, drank, and propositioned a pedestrian for sexy time. In addition to that cash, he's asked for $400,000 in the suit, for damages and his continual emotional harm. Oh, how I love the emotions angle, especially when it's coming from a gruff guy who was freaked out by Borat's kiss greeting. I guess the thought of hundreds of thousands of dollars was enough to make him get in touch with his softer side. Can you imagine how much worse he'd be handling things if he was part of some of the other scenes? The lesson to be learned in all of this: Don't agree to any sort of media involvement if there's even the slightest possibility that you wouldn't like their spin on things.
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